On Location in Poland

James Goes to Poland, visitng various locations, some he has visited before and some new areas.

The best place is a small water ways nature reserve where there is a vast selection of wildlife in their natural envoiroment, ranging from the wild Storks to the Dragon Flies.

The Storks had a good year again, Nesting close by to where James stays, it shows the food source is not so bad this year. Included in this trip was the Cranes, first time we managed to get a visual but not close enough to get "that shot", they appeared very nervous to any movement that was not normal to them, maybe next time I visit.

The Herons were a challenge again this vist, the White Herons are even more of a challenge than the greys, very early morning starts, stalking them behind cover, but they get nervous quickly and take flight as soon as they sense anything is not quite right.

The Dragon Flies this year were not very large, mainly small ones, but there was a good selection of colour as normal.

Looking forward to going back.


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