Bempton 10 May

Sunday 10 th May Visit

Weather was looking good at 5.30 am when I arrived, so I thought I would have the light in my favour.

Got set up on the normal ridge waiting for the Barn Owls to appear on the usual Hunting trip through the long grass below, But THEY DIDNT SHOW.

So this photography thing is really all about taking time and learning very steaply to be patient, so I sat and waited.

The next event to happen, well lets say I couldnt have predicted it for a second, but returning from the Cliffs of a 400 feet sheer drop was a fox.......with her breakfast !


With observation from the ridge I could see that she had a Den in the brambles and quickly delivered the Gull, returning and taking a breif rest before setting off for the cliffs for maybe another go

I thought better of my current location and decided to head down the ridge to more cover in the hawthorn, thinking on her return i might get a better angle on the next shot.

A fellow photographer turned up and I think the cover was blown, the Fox would not be returning this way back to the Den for sure, Time to get a new location.

A new location near to the cliffs is where i thought maybe looking up the hill I could Get a clear photo of the Fox on return, but as luck was either in favour or not, here comes the Barn Owl acroos the position I just left, Typical.

With hunting areas to the top and making its way down I managed to get in a few photos, but the light was fading with cloud cover.



The Barn Owl decided the hunt was over when another bird watcher turned up to feed the native sparrows, so the show was over.

Light was fading with more cloud and sun surely gone, I thought maybe I would have a look up the cliff edges and see if the ever evading Puffins had decided to put in a apperaance. As events were turning out the Deer thought they would put in a show and bolt past the top ridge where i was originally set up, but with the light gone it was worth taking a shot just to say they were there.


I moved along the cliffs and manged to finish the morning with a few shots of the Gannets in ever increasing numbers gathering nesting material from the grass banks

They strike you as a big bird but with so many good shots to get from so many positions, its worth having a go with poor light.


So that concludes this visit to Bempton, all wrapped up by 8.30 and heading home for breakfast and a mug of coffee, Thanks Bmepton for another show of wildlife, what a shame the british weather could not match it....oh well you cant have all the cake can you.

#Bempton #photo #RSPB

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