Where are all the Puffins

Bempton Spring has arrived Cont...........

I wanted to highlight the fact that this year after several trips to Bempton to see the wildlife and get some good photos from it, that the main talk on the cliff top veiw points is the lack of Puffins this year. They say the Sand eal population has suffered hugely and that in turn has effected Puffin Numbers.

I have seen a few down on the water through my bino's and one or two at most on the Cliff tops, but numbers are very few to say the least.

There is still a good healthy population of other sea birds this year and they seem set to Pair up and Nest


I also got a good sighting of the Short eared owl on its rounds on this particular week, It had to be a early start before the main public arrived, They dont like crowds.

This one was hunting the meadows further up from the veiw points, and was very content to sit for a hour before flying off and out of range. This was as close as I dare get incase it took off and I didnt get any shots at all ! Hopefully next time I can get there early and track it as it hunts for a better shot


Alll in all it was a great visit, and was even treated to a fly past of a pair of periguin falcons, not hanging about and probably late for breakfast somewhere, thats a bird to keep an eye out for later in the summer as the nest progress I am sure.


I am hopefully going to visit my other site of interest in the coming weeks, but work has called me away this weekend coming, so a blog post will have to wait for a week or two.

Thanks for reading and looking


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