Top Hill Low

Visit to TopHill Low Yorkshire water reserve

I had a wander out to this tucked away Nature reserve, they have been doing some vast improvements to the sites around the reserve and have addede a Osprey Nest to attract the local Osprey. I think they are hoping for a pair to nest but only time will tell

A great place to visit for the early morning or chancing a evening wander, plenty to see and so much area to cover, with varied habitat for different species of wildlife

On my arrival I bumped into this battle hardened little fella on the hunt in the wild grass for food, looked to me like it had been in the wars, amd having learnt that their numbers are dropping fast took a shot for the record.


Having a wander up to the "bomber command" hide up at the top end of the reserve (hide dedicated to a RAF pilot who crashed and was killed) managed to get a peek at the white Egret, much smaller than the ones found in Poland where they stand 4 feet tall


Even the Deer gave me a chance to get a photo in


I walked deeper into the reserve where there are a number of hides for veiwing birds, although this visit was later in the eveining there was still this reed warbler doing the rounds before night fall


Worth a visit and ther is so much area to cover, I am sure you can loose a few hours trying to get round all the hides.

On the next visit I will see if i can get some shots of the Nesting Terns and maybe have a walk up to the marsh areas, lots to see at this site.

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