Bempton Chicks arrived

Had a ride out to Bempton early in the morning in the past few days to see if could catch the Barn Owls hunting in the morning light. They didnt turn up, I can only assume the very long grass in the meadows is no longer ideal hunting ground.

On a brighter note, the sea birds chicks are growing fast


The Ganet Chicks seem to be in mid stages with both parents sometimes found at the nest.


Even the Kitti wake gulls have 2 chicks this year, most nests consist of 2 chicks with one parent bird away at sea, I waited around for 2 hours waiting for the other parent bird to return to see if I could get a action shot of feeding the chicks, but I gave up when my leg got pins and needles.

Hopefully on the next visit there will be more chick activity with wing testing

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