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I had entered my Frog shot into a photo comp, Ok so it didnt win, but coming shortly is a good expert review of the shot by a well know Camera Magazine, News and a further post to follow.

Wildlife this year on the insect front has been slow to materialize and I can only think that the late flowering has had something to do with it, Dragon flies have been late this year, and visits to my local woodlands have shown the numbers are down as appossed to last year. I am hoping that closer to the end of the year there will be more about. The wood wasp is for the 3rd year running manageing to avoid my lens, one day i will get a shot of this massive wasp type insect and its fantastic saw fitted to its rear end.

Photo shoot trip confirmed to another spot I like to go and shoot insects, North West of Warsaw, this will be in September, hoping that the dragon flies over there are bigger, but reports say they are also late, and the pair of Storks did not nest this year, the Storks were very late returning from the south. Looking forward to this trip and get some quality time behind the camera.

Got my Camera Kit insured, It was surprising how much kit you get gathered up and how much it would cost to replace it, got a new for old deal with Thistle Insurance based in the UK, I found it Very hard to find insurance for traveling and the normal travel insurance did not cover the kit I wanted to take.

I would suggest you look very closely at the fine detail in the small print, you will be surprised at the difference between companies offering the same kind of insurance.

I also invested my money into a Peli type case for ALL the gear, very pleased with the result of the new case, Very sturdy, and equally as good as the \peli case, no offence Peli. but the price tag was so much cheaper for like for like, Thnaks to Solent Plastics for the range of cases they do, it also came with pick and pluck foam so it was just a case of fitting the gear in.

I can say at this point for purely keeping your camera clean and dust free this is a great solution, but I do keep my back pack for the out back trips where this case would not be pratical.

I must add that if you are looking for a case for flying with, it must have the pressure relief valve fitted for cabin pressure, this case does have that fitted.

I hope some of this info will help, please note I do not work on any commission for these companies, I just write it up as I see it, but if you happen to take up on one of these products, then I hope it works for you as it does for me.

Many thanks


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