Got My pic in the Paper

Entered my Frog shot into the N photo Competiton, didnt think it was going that well until the experts got their hands on it, managed a respectable 7th place considering the talent I was up against, so I was really pleased with the result and more so getting my shot in Print.

On other News:

I had a ride up to Bempton Cliffs for the Owls, but with the slight showers, it didnt look like they would show up, and I had a look at the cliffs, most of the chicks have flown now, just a handful of Ganet chicks left, it does seem like quite a empty place now.

Looking forward to a trip to Poland, mostly to visit my dad, but also getting some time behind the lens, We are not sure at this stage if the grass is to long to go stalk out the wolves in the wilderness, I will have to wait and see.

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