On Location Location Part II

So part two is where we went to the Park in Central Warsaw.

The Visit consisted of both me and my father, he is just as much into photography as me, but he is slightly better at it (sometimes), Camera, wirelless Flash kit (R1C1) SB 800, Tripods, oh and a good supply of varius Nuts.

Here is a place that if you are looking for a actioned packed shoot day, is the place to go. If you get chance to visit then you will not be dissapointed for a great shoot day. There are coffee shops to grab a drink during the lunch break and good food.

The Birds are so used to people that you can litterally have the eating from your hand.

I know that some of you will find these Nut hatches challenging to picture at the best of times, I know I do, but here in this park you can work with these birds and get some fantastic shots of wild birds who have a taste for Nuts from the local supermarket.

I had 3 days this time round in this park, which is highly maintained and kept to such a high standard it was pleasing to be in there with my photography kit, people did not bother you and the great thing was the birds kept returning to the same place, so setting up with wiirelless flash units was made simple.

In the outer region of Warsaw, the wildlife had suffered this summer with a heat wave and very little water, which meant that food was not around for most water birds, so the storks this year did not hang around long.

I did do a few early morning starts to see if i could catch any wildlife making its way to the water.

This wild Boar was not hanging around for me to get a better shot, I had already missed the two males with tusks with nearly falling asleep at the camera.

There was Wild Deer around, but like the Boar they were very wary of people and getting close enough was a hard task, the best I could do this year was a passing shot of Deer in full steam to get away.

SO finally, There was a good healthy population of Jays this year, who had a very nice taste for Nuts on the Bird Table in my Fathers back Garden. They were very quick and the challenge of capturing them in flight was in itself a task, but I found it very rewarding just to get some shots, maybe not what I really wanted, but happy all the same.

Maybe next year, more practice will reward me with greater pictures, and studying them more with flight paths may help me anticipate where they come in from.

A Great week all in all, and recommend to anyone the park for a great day out.

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