Wildlife emerging

Its been a while since I have managed to get out for a good day behind the camera, its been a busy winter so far and I am sure its not over yet. I invested in a Sigma 70 - 200 2.8 Lens a couple of months back and I have had to adjust to using this new piece of kit. I have also had a issue with my Sigma 120 - 400 Lens and it had to go back to Japan for a fix on the OS system. I have to give credit to Sigma for a 1st class service.

I have been working on the Kingfisher for a while and its been a bit hit and miss on getting any worthy results, So I verntured down to the local Kingfisher hunting place to see what I could get.

Its a bit of tough luck when the Hide is so Full at some stages, but once folk had decided to wander on further I had the hide to myself and the wildlife were game on

First off was the Geese, a few having a fall out over the best ground to feed on and some having a fly past, but two came in head on and gave me a chance shot of a landing, this was the start of things to come.

Then the Deer came over the back of the Lagoon for a peek to see what all the fuss was with the Geese making such a noise, these two decided to hang around for a few minutes which gave me some good photo shots and get to grips with my new lens.

Then the normally calm Swans were getting a bit of a panic on and something was approaching that was not keeping in with the swans, Two Otters appeared from the back of the lagoon working up the water heading towards me, swimming under and on the surface. Very interesting to watch and challenging to get a good shot.

A great morning for a varied wildlife show, Otters, Geese, Swans, Kingfishers (but at distance) and the other keen wildlife watchers not sticking around to see the event unfold.

Thanks Tophill again for the wildlife and I see great things on the Horizon for this Nature Reserve.

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