Another action day at Tophill

Well, what can I say, another action packed morning at Tophill, and this time it was more than the wildlife.

The Morning started slow with the wildlife waking up, but as the sun was getting up, fellow photographers and Bird spotters were also active, on the hunt for a Warbler, very distinctive in its song but very hard to spot.

I am not a expert on the smaller birds and couldn't tell you what the above picture is off, but it caught my attention anyway.

The picture above shows a "Black Cap" or as I was informed by a very kind gent sat behind me who I might add had a keen enthusiastic outlook on the birds and was keen on this Warbler, Thanks to the Gent.

Another shot of this small bird, I still dont know what it is.

The Grey Heron was very active, it looked like it had a nest on the way near by and was making regular trips to and from its nest, after which it came close in for a hunt on small fish (photos are on the "latest Shots Page"

For few hours it was a great morning and I was pleased with the results, nice people in the Hide and it soon filled up, which was my exit cue.

Maybe on the next visit I will get back to the King Fisher or maybe have a wander down the Reserve to the other end and see what is around.

I wanted to mention that there will be some construction works planned for this place, it looks like this could be become a Hotspot and with what is planned put this reserve in the must visit list, exciting times coming.

I have put in a picture of the sign i read for you to all see.

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