It is with the greatest pleasure that I can announce a charity exhibition of my photographs which will be auctioned off to raise money for "Help for Heroes" in Partnership with:

Forestry Commission England is recognised and respected as an international leader in sustainable forestry. Our reputation has been built on our expertise and our ability to achieve results that benefit people's lives.



The event will take place in the visitor centre between August 2nd 2016 and the 24th August 2016, There will be 9 no A3 size Prints (11 1/2* x 16 1/2*) Mounted in a High Quality Thick Black Border Frame, which anyone can bid on during the display dates. All you need to do is visit Dalby Forest and fill in the form on how much you would be prepared to bid on one or as many photos as you like, fill in your details and hand in your bid at the customer service desk.


ALL 100% of the money generated will be given to the charity !!!

This unique opportunity in partnership with the Forestry Commission England, gives the public a chance to own a high quality framed print knowing that all the money they bid will go to the charity. After visiting the Exhibition you can enjoy the Forest walk and other activities available around or simply enjoy a picnic, weather permitting !

I am extremely pleased to announce our main media partner is:

Amateur Photographer is the worlds oldest consumer weekly photographic magazine first published in October 1884

It has been the bible for both Amateur and professional photo enthusiasts around the world and has helped generations of photographers to improve their skills.

In addition to the Exhibition, Amateur Photographer will donate an annual Digital Subscription, which is view-able on your smart phone, tablet or desktop to each winning bidder of the Exhibition

(please note each winning can only receive one digital subscription)


The Exhibition has Kindly been endorsed by the following companies:

Sigma Imaging UK is a worldwide manufacturer of quality DSLR Lenses. This is the make of lens that I used to shoot all the pictures exhibited, ranging from the 70 - 200 OS DG EX APO 2.8 Lens through to the 120 - 400 OS DG APO Telephoto Lens. Details of which lens was used on each shot will be displayed at the exhibition.

I would Like to thank Sigma Imaging UK for their continued support in great lenses and their endorsement of this Exhibition


SRS Microsystems have a huge selection of camera gear and expertise. They have supplied me with the Nikon Cameras and Sigma Lenses and I am grateful to them for their continued support and endorsement of the Exhibition.


The Exhibition has Kindly been Sponsored by the following Organisations:

H.M.S Resolution Association

I am grateful for the support and the donation the association has kindly donated to be added to the total raised from the exhibition


StartFragment"Frame Company is a leading British manufacturer of quality picture frames. Available in a variety of styles, colours, finishes and materials please visit their website to discover more...."EndFragment

The Frame Company

I am grateful for the support and quality frame donation the Frame Company has kindly donated which the prints will be displayed in.


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