Dalby Charity Exhibition OPEN !!!!

Hello All

My Charity Exhibition is now OPEN !!!!

I am so pleased that the Frames are all in place and looking great, thanks so much to Frame Company for the great frames

As you can see the companies that have contributed to the exhibition are proudly displaying in the exhibition with 6 copies of Amateur Photographer for any one to read whilst sitting in the comfy chairs.

I would like to thank my family for the support and my wife, Charmaine, and kids Zac and Isla for helping me with the setup, and the kind staff at the Visitor Centre

I would like to Invite anyone to visit and please bid on any of the photos in aid of a good cause for those who have given. I hope you enjoy the visit and the many other outdoor activities there are in this forest for all.



#ForestryCommission #Exibition #Photo #AmateurPhotographer #Sigma #Framecompany

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