Serock, Poland

Its been a busy time with the exhibition and travelling back to Poland to look for more wildlife shots.

First off my thanks to all those who attended the exhibition at Dalby, and for taking the time to stop by and have a look, and many congratulations to those who won a framed print.

So with that done it was time to jump on a plane and head to Poland to the wetlands for more wildlife shots, my aim was to work out a way of catching this elusive white heron that seems to be very nervous when approached by land. I had my ever trusting father with me to figure out how we could get close and get some shots of some water birds we normally dont get close to, time to get a boat then !

We managed to track down a company that hires these boats out for as little or as long as you like, by the hour and very reasonable to say the least, very clean and well presented boat.

My dad decided he would drive, best option because he has more sense on a boat than me, and he knew the river we were travelling up, having studied the river from shore we had a idea of where we wanted to explore.

Good clear blue skies and very warm weather could not be better for a morning out looking for water birds.

The Aim was to venture up the River Bug across the River Narew and slowly make our way up seeing what we could find.

the early results were very good and we could approach the white herons and other birds with out making them nervous which enabled us to get quite close and some good shots with shorter lenses and even a prime, then when they took flight we could fill frames with flight shots.

I would recommend this to anyone wishing to have a go at this, it was a lot better this way than trying from the shore, and with the amount of fisherman on the river made it easier for us to approach birds who were used to boats.

Tips would be to take turns driving the boat and get local knowledge of the water way, take plenty of water and keep your camera close to hand.

More pictures will be added to my latest shots..........

Back on dry land I went out looking for the smaller wildlife for my new lens, the Sigma 150 macro F2.8 with OS, I was dying to try this lens out on smaller wildlife that maybe was easier to shoot.........well thats what i thought.!

The lizard, shown here, was a small fast creature with a intelligent mind to match and could spot me coming some way off before making a move, the trick was to catch them at around 10 am in the morning heating up to hunt and approaching slowly and allowing them to make the first move and then settle, not a easy task, but results did come.

I have to admit this Sigma Lens is really something, it is a great lens for capturing the small detail in the smaller things that live in the wild and proved a fantastic piece of kit, well done Sigma.

So after 10 days away, the results were not to bad, I had a great play with my 150 macro lens and managed to get closer than ever with the water birds, not so good this time of the year (Sept) was the Nut hatches, or the wood peckers, the tree nuts had fallen and they had enough food not to be bothered to come pose for pics, but you always discover new wildlife to photograph.

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