Garden Birds

My Back Garden now has quite a good selection of birds that pop in to get some food that I put out on a daily basis. let me introduce you to some of them.

First up is this very friendly black bird, it sits and waits on this post on a morning for the food to arrive and has been very protective lately to other black birds about this food source

Next up....

The Robin, a more in, grab the food and off kind of character, it also has a tendency to see off any other robins trying their luck at the feeding table.

Then we have...

A fire crest. I only spotted this chap a few weeks ago, and was lucky to get this shot, It loves to work through the bushes and see what live food it can find, very quick and does not mix with other birds.

Then we have...

The Black cap. again i noticed this one popping in early morning for a feed, keeping out of the way but a pleasure to watch.

I also have Gold finches visiting daily, in fact there is around 14 of these coming daily at different times, they love the sunflower hearts, also coming daily are the blue tits, great tits, house sparrows, and yet to get a photograph, I have 6 long tailed tits that work from one side of the garden to the other through the bushes looking for live food, always 6 of them.

I keep a constant supply of food out for them so they always know its there and you get clock work visits from many birds during the day, more so in the winter months when food is not around.

I will post more pictures when I get chance to photograph the other visitors

thanks for looking in


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