Driffield Show Win 2017

I entered a stronger range of photographs this year into the Driffield Show, I wanted to see if any of these shots caught the judges eye ?

I entered with the chance that maybe one shot might do well and thought my frog shot would bring a smile to the judges face, with some of these shots in the York Hospital Exhibition I thought maybe it could promote them more.

How wrong i was............

My Snow Leopard came in with a " Highly Commended " which really pleased me, this has always been a picture close to my heart with the cat being on the endangered list.......

Then came in the Frog and Flash shot with " Highly commended " again i was so thrilled they gave this an award....

Then running in " Third Place" cam the Dragon fly, it was starting to get emotional now......

Then came the Common Lizard in " Second Place" I had to look twice that this was happening, I was thrilled that this Macro shot of such a small lizard had made the cut and got an award, the hard work had paid off.

And then Finally to make the day really special my Nut Hatch shot came in " First " Wow !! i was over joyed that it gained recognition and the comments left by the judge were humbling, It made the day i spent with the Nuthatches worth every second and the more enjoyable.

Thank you to the judges at the Driffield Show, and once again for the well run competition.

I am looking forward to next year, but I have to watch my back my sister Clare is going to enter so its going to be more interesting than normal....

#Driffield #DriffieldShow #Birds #Wildlife

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