I am Pleased that I had the chance to meet Jeremy Buxton from BBC Radio York who is with the "Finders keepers" with Clare Frisby program.

It was funny to be called David on the show to start with, but we got there with the correct name, then Jeremy got into a spot of bother at the front desk of the hospital security.

Jeremy found us in the end and I gave the clue to the next destination.

I was thrilled that i had the chance to plug the exhibition and boost people to come and see it, and maybe buy a print.

I took my very supportive wife, Charmaine and my two kids, Zac and Isla, who had a good laugh at me trying my hand at the radio.

Clare Frisby

Jeremy Buxton

Thanks very much to Radio York for your support on my exhibition to raise funds for the Children s ward.

To hear the program follow the link, and enjoy.....

#RadioYork #BBC #ClareFrisby #Finderskeepers

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