Results are in !!

I would like to thank the team at York Teaching Hospital for the guided tour of the Childrens Ward this morning and the detailed guide on how the money raised would contribute to the projects in the ward. I have to say Andy was a very enthusiastic guy who I admired with his passion for the ward, I also recognise the fantastic job of all the staff on duty to the children currently admitted your hard work will always be appreciated and applauded by me, keep up the hard work and I wish all the kids a fast recovery.

I would like to thank individually:

Jess Sharp, for arranging and administering the Exhibition, keeping all the important wheels moving.

Andy Jennians, thanks so much for the tour and giving the chance to display work in the ward for others to enjoy, great guy.

All the Team who gave me the chance to exhibit my work, so many to name, but you know who you are, such nice comments and dedicated people.

It was a great morning and I am pleased some of my work will remain in the ward on a more permanent basis after such a successful exhibition.

This photo shows me with and the prints that will remain in the ward

In total there was £415.00 raised for the ward.

I would like to thank all the kind people who took the time to visit my exhibition and purchase my work, you have made a difference.

I hope you all enjoy my prints where ever you hang them.

Thanks clare for your support. love you sis

To my late mum, I hope you are looking down with pride, you are so dearly missed, love you mum.

and finally my wife Charmaine for putting up with my passion for photographing wildlife, your support is my rock. love you.

I will post more of press releases as they happen, and thank you all who take the time read my blog


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